Saturday, July 30, 2011

Stan Winston's Blood Wolves: Vereticus action figure review

I'll mention right off the bat this figure is from 2003 so you won't find him on the shelf at Walmart. However his is available at Amazon or cheaper at EBay. But he's worth reviewing because he's a 7" tall fully articulated medieval knight and you simply don't see those anywhere these days. Vereticus is styled with a pigface bascinet helmet. Wait, isn't he a wolf?

The sculpt of the figure is excellent for being 2003 and rightly so because NECA made them. Each rivet, chainmail link, and armor bend is simply perfect. The wolfish face underneath the movable visor is great looking as well. Even his accessories and base are well done, he could easily pass for a statue on your desk. The arrows are a nice touch tho I can't figure out where the 3rd arrow pegs into.

Articulation is paramount these days and this figure is nicely articulated, in fact more articulated than most of NECA's offerings back in 2003. Ball shoulders, elbows, neck, wrists, waist, cut hips but with swivel thighs, and knees. He's missing ankle articulation and a ball jointed head would have been great but what's here is plenty to get him into some great dragon-slaying poses.

Vereticus' paint work is also top notch, The use of different metallics, shading, and the dirtying up of his tunic looks great. He comes with two swords and can hold the larger one with both hands as the end cap comes off allowing you to slip it into his fists. However the second sword, while removable, doesn't have a removable cap and therefore can't be held unless you cut it off. He also comes with an alternate head which could have been left out because you can lift up his visor anyway. A nice shield would have been cool instead.

Regardless of the slight flaws and the fact you have to order him online somewhere, THIS IS AN ARTICULATED 7" KNIGHT. That alone makes him worth getting and you could customize him into a Marvel Select Black Knight with a little work I'm betting.

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