Friday, July 15, 2011

Transformers Cyberverse Decepticon Hatchet action figure review

Originally I wasn't going to get the Cyberverse figure. They're an odd scale (if scale actually meant anything in the line) and appeared to be just miniaturized versions of characters we had Deluxe and Voyagers of. Then I found Hatchet and was suddenly converted. Hatchet is actually one of the black SUV's from the movie I'm told, but for some reason is a jet here. Whatever, it works for him. You also get two mini-drones that turn into cannons.

Hatchet transformers fairly easily and has just the right amount of articulated sections to make him look great in both modes. His cougar/wolf/whatever-robot mode is quite articulated! Ball hips, shoulders, hinged wrists, ankles, knees, elbows, etc. His head is on a dual up/down hinge tho it can't turn side to side. Oh well, I guess he'll be running forward anyway. His tail extends, that's pretty cool.

Hatchet's alt mode is is nifty black and gold fighter jet. It has two detachable drone planes that turn into gun pods. Each pod has a different barrel. Buy two Hatchets and swap a pod if you want two of the same kind. His jet mode is sleek unless you look at it from behind. Since his paws don't fold up they're left sticking out from the back. Not a huge problem but kind of odd they didn't make them turn into thrusters or something.

So is he worth the $7-$8? Sure, why not. Hatchet is larger than the other Cyberverse so far and you need another jet to chase down Powerglide. His head is large, deluxe sized so you could customize it onto a Crankcase I'm betting and get your other dreads-Decepticon teammate.

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