Wednesday, July 13, 2011

NECA's Light Up Big Daddy, Bioshock action figure review

NECA is a leader in innovative design, articulation, paint, and sculpt. They're like pre-everything-statue McFarlane toys on steroids. Big Daddy Bouncer is the main character of Bioshock and NECA saw fit to re-release him, this time with lights! They're suppose to reflect his 'mood' and do a pretty good job of getting the idea across because you get three different colors to choose from. Green, yellow, then red. He's like a stoplight gone crazy!

The sculpting is top notch as it was with the original. There's stitching, bent and chipped metal, oxidized bumps, and fabric sculpt all over the figure. It really does look like a miniaturized version of a diving suit. The paint apps are just as great highlighting the sculpt without going overboard in washes or drybrushed highlights.

The switch on his back slides up and down to select the different colors or just to off. Green seems to be the brightest color, followed by red, then yellow as the dimmest. I may need different batteries or perhaps that's the way he's suppose to be. Either way it looks excellent though there is a little bleeding through the helmet's paint as it was cast in clear plastic then painted. This will probably very with each figure.

Big Daddy's articulation is decent. Let's face it, this is a giant bulky diving suit, not something meant for black ops stealth missions. The joints are VERY well hidden and all ball joints, even the wrists and ankles. You can get some pretty good poses out of him and for $20-$23 it's a great value in the days where a 6" Iron Man costs $18. I'm happy with him just protecting my shelf with that giant drill. Lord knows he's heavy enough that I could heave him at an intruder! If you're a Bioshock fan then you'll want this guy. Here's hoping NECA makes a light up Subject Delta and Big Sister too!

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