Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Transformers DOTM Voyager class Sentinel Prime action figure review

Sentinel Prime is kinda a mixed bag of hmmmm and ehhhhh, I'll get that right off my chest now. At first glance he's a striking red but upon closer inspection he's more of a lipstick red. If you don't want to shell out $40+ for the leader class then this Sentinel is kinda...uh..Deluxe sized? Standing a little under 7". This means your Generations and earlier Voyagers are going to be taller than him.

Sent's articulation is a mixed bag I suppose. He has great leg/arm movement and can kick really well. His feet move forward on a good hinge but not side to side like the Leader class. No wrist movement, no waist, and his head is just a swivel. To this end the figure seems kinda rushed, like they had to get another version of Sent out there quick! This shows in his paint apps too, they're pretty plain. Red, silver, black, done.

The large firetruck hanging off of his back is half the transformation. Sentinel is pretty much a shell-former because though his legs do make some of the back and lower portion of the truck everything else is covered up by the mass of kibble on his back. It sticks off kinda far and you can fit your fingers in the large gap. Sent only comes with a mechtech weapon and not his sword and shield. Because of this, son I am disappoint. I wasn't expecting loads of weapons but not even his signature stuff?

The saving grace of the figure is the rather awesome alt mode, his Rosenbauer Panther fire truck form. It's long, fairly well detailed, and the boom crane is the mechtech weapon. Transformation is fairly simple, it's just a lot of tabbing panels. Walmart has this guy for $18 and with a little black detailing on the face and some of the body you could have this guy looking pretty spiffy. Below he's shown with two of the DotM Deluxes, Walmart exclusive Prime and Nitro Bumblebee.

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