Friday, July 22, 2011

Transformers Skyhammer Power Core Combiner action figure review

Continuing with the last wave of Power Core Combiner Transformers is Decepticon Skyhammer. It's odd because while Skyhammer is Dreadwing colored, the bot really doesn't look all that Decepticonish. In fact the Power-up Commander mode really looks like how Autobot Highbrow looks with the goggles. However he is a neat little Transformer.

Skyhammer's bot mode is pretty solid, both in design and terms of awesomeness. He has double jointed elbows/knees! This allows all sorts of great poses. The bright blue pegs are of course jarring to the eyesight especially next to the bright orange. Alley Viper Transformer maybe? He looks cool with the Commander 'goggles' pulled down in this mode too. More on that later.

Looking at SH's jet mode is easier on the eyes since most of the crazy colors are hidden underneath and two of the blue connector pegs tuck away out of sight. His Targetmaster-ish Airlift minicon can attach himself. Airlift is a great mold who's head turns when you turn his waist. No elbows but he has gun-arms.

Commander Power-up mode is way. way better than the first two PCC waves. Everything plugs in securely and SH gets additional joints in his shoulders where the fins hinge. The Commander head is literally a goggled helmet that folds over the smaller head like a clamshell and has a separate swivel underneath so you can still turn the head. This is a really, really cool feature.

Throw some drones on his limbs and you have yourself a fairly sturdy mech. Not as great as Heavytread in our last review, mainly because Skyhammer is missing the waist swivel which would have added much more play value. But the legs and shoulders work better than the usual PCC commanders and the goggled head just looks neat. You can snag Skyhammer on Amazon pretty cheap because he's not one that's usually available in retail stores. At least I've never seen any of this wave on the pegs.

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