Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Transformers Heavytread Power Core Combiner action figure review

It's no secret I'm not a fan of Power Core Combiners. I bought all of the first ones and they were poorly designed, loose jointed, limb-popping-off atrocities. (tho I now snag clearanced ones for the dual heads) I'm happy to report the new waves are much better including Heavytread with Groundspike. This PCC Commander is everything the originals weren't! Thanks to my aussie bro HAVector for finding this guy.

HT's robot mode is a short stocky little guy with plenty of articulation like ball-jointed/swivel everything and even a waist swivel. His tank mode is solid as well, resembling one of the Bruticus bots. Great sculpt on both modes and yes the tank turret turns. Only downside are big blue blocks showing in both modes.

Groundspike the minicon is pretty neat, able to turn into a Devastator-like chest piece, battering ram for the front of the tank, or claw mode for the robot. He's got joints in all the right places except no elbows. That's probably because he has giant blades where his arms should be. I wish he was a solid color because much of the detail is lost with the clear plastic.

Now for the fun part, Commander mode. His core is the best one I've seen yet and is completely solid. The turret unfolds into an antenna and movable shoulder cannon. HeavyTread's commander head is voyager-class sized, much bigger than the other PCC's and looks amazingly cool. The little head folds into the back of the larger one which is also a nifty feature because you can display him with the small head for the commander unit.

Unfortunately I've not heard of anywhere that got this wave as a US release which is a shame because it seems PCC are out now that they were just getting good. You'll have to snag him on Ebay or if you want this guy to add to your military Transformers. He's worth it though!

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