Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jazzware's 6" Mortal Kombat Sub Zero action figure review

Normally Jazzwares and the phrase "hey that's awesome!" aren't associated with each other. They're not know for making Marvel Legends or NECA quality figures, but rather more kid-oriented things like with their Sonic line. Until now, so wasn't sure what I was looking at when I first picked up Sub Zero from Jazzware's Mortal Kombat line...

That being said I was pleasantly surprised, though I still have a hard time paying $15 a figure which is what TRU was charging. Sub Zero has a great sculpt. His armor is detailed and you can see all the folds in his gi, his narrowed gaze, and mask detail. The hands look a little oversized but that might just be me. Even his pants look nicely sculpted which wasn't the case with the last series. 

Sub Zero comes with a nifty looking ice sword that would have really looked amazing clear, but instead it's just painted blue with a white drybrushing for highlights. He can hold it with both hands! This is pretty rare in figures but Sub-Z has ball jointed/hinged neck, shoulders, elbows, waist, hips, knees, and ankles having great range of movement. He can high-kick and look great doing so.

I saw Raiden and Scorpion who looked particularly cool and came with more weapons but Sub Zero has always been one of my faves. He's just a tad shorter than your average DCU or Marvel Legends but still fits in. So, great paint apps, nice sculpt, great articulation, has Jazzwares redeemed themselves? Snag one of the new Mortal Kombat figures and see for yourself.

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