Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Autobot emblem/logo for your vehicle

Hey everyone, you may have been asking yourself where the blog went over the last couple of days. All the post are gone! That's because I've redesigned the theme of this blog to feature daily action figure/collectible reviews. My plan is to take 4 pictures of a new figure, item, or product related to the genres we love and write up a 5 minute review of them. I say 'daily' but we'll see if I can keep my promise. I get pretty busy customizing. I'll do my best however! And now for our first review...

If you've seen Transformers you know how psyched Sam was to have a giant transforming car. While our cars may not transform we can deck them out in Transformers gear! One such item I'm reviewing tonight is an Autobot hood emblem. It's 4" tall by 3 3/4" across at its widest point and about as thick as your average figure cardback.

 What struck me first was now sharp and crisp the actual logo was. There's no rounded plasticy-edges because the whole thing is made out of milled aluminum! On the back is a super sticky foam pad which probably isn't removable because it's REALLY STICKY, like 3M quality sticky. This is good because you don't want someone peeling off your logo and putting it on their own car.

Upon closer inspection you'll see that there are tiny striations, those little carved lines in the sculpt that help it reflect light. This is some really nice machine work. The red is quite brilliant with the silver behind it. You could effectively stick this thing on the back of your laptop, computer tower, front of your wife's car as a surprise (my plan to do so soon), on your door, I mean really the possibilities are endless! Heck, put one on all of those! Well...that would be expensive right? Nope. You can order this thing for $4 shipped to your door by going here and snagging one. They also have them in silver and black!

I mean really. A pack of paper Transformers stickers is more expensive than that. I'm still looking for a Decepticon faction symbol of this quality that has a border around it, not cut out. You'll notice this Autobot logo is contained within one and looks all official like Prime's hood logo in the movie. And that's it for my first new blog entry.

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