Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fireblast Destroyer: Thor movie 3 3/4" action figure review

The Destroyer was a big, bad, unstoppable suit of enchanted armor in the Thor movie and looked absolutely amazing onscreen. Aside from the 10" open box version already out we're treated to the "Fireblast Destroyer" in the third wave of Thor movie figures. He's 5" tall putting him above the height of your normal Marvel Universe figures. That's good because in the movie he was huge.

The paint is a dull silver or gunmetal color with a black wash to bring out the lines. Tiny little numbs line his sides because tiny spikes probably wouldn't pass safety tests or translate that well into sculpt. Everything else is sculpted well including his hands and angled faceplate in the closed position.

Destroyer's articulation is fairly decent. The only thing not ball jointed is his shoulders, probably because of the electronics. Wrists, elbows, knees, head, ankles, the rest is great. He only has cut shoulders but his arms do raise up well. 

Press the button on his stomach and his chest glows....but not his head. Funny because it's clear plastic and looks as if it should. This was the only figure I found so I don't know if there's a broken/missing LED in there or if the LED just isn't powerful enough. Maybe my paint splattered silver thumb is causing him issue, I don't know. It's also not orange like the movie fire blasts but red. He's an ok figure but you could probably pass on him as there's another version of the Destroyer coming in a future Thor assortment without electronics and no middle-of-my-stomach-box.

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