Thursday, August 4, 2011

Marvel Universe Apocalypse action figure review

Apocalypse has always been one of the big baddies of the X-men/Marvel universe and now he's available in the...uh...Marvel Universe. The ever expanding 3 3/4" Marvel line has Apocalypse in the newest wave along with Cable, Gladiator, and some others. The sculpting on him looks nice from his nasty expression to the intricate armor sections. Hey, is that a cod piece?

Yep, Apocalypse shares the same body, upper arms and legs as Juggernaut with newly tooled other parts and armor glued to him. He's taller thanks to the new lower legs and feet which along with the hands are Marvel Legends scale practically. Custom fodder anyone? There's also an assortment of hoses that run from his back and arms.

For being so large and stocky his articulation is great. You can get Apocalypse into most poses and everything is balljointed including his ankles. The arm hoses kind of get in the way of Apoc reaching straight out as they tend to tug his shoulder pads forward, or arm backwards. They could have been a little longer.

The paint work is nice enough. Good metallic blue/silver and some black wash in the muscles to bring out the body detail. Some panel lining in the armor would have been nice to see but you can do that with a brush and some black paint. Apocalypse is fairly imposing but I wonder if his head is too big for his body. A smaller head would have made him look all the more buff.

So what's the verdict? Well if you're collecting the Marvel Universe line especially the X-teams, get him. He's a big hunk of posable plastic and kinda hard to find. Amazon has him of course and if you're lucky he'll be in stock at HasbroToyShop, tho he keeps selling out.

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