Friday, August 19, 2011

DC Universe Owlman: Crime Syndicate of Amerika action figure review

Sitting on the shelves at your local Walmart is a very large 5-pack of figures exclusive to the retail chain. It's the DC Universe 'Crime Syndicate of Amerika'. Yes, they spelled America different. There's 4 other figures in it but all you'll really want is Owlman who is not the same as the Owlman from the Watchamn but rather the older brother of a deceased Bruce Wayne from a parallel universe. Wat? Don't worry about it.

Thomas Wayne aka Owlman is really spiffy looking. He's basically dark blue with black airbrushing in the muscles with gunmetal armor and silver highlights. This makes for an incredibly sleek looking character that reminds me of the 90's superheroes that were all Shadowhawk-ish. Or maybe that was just Shadowhawk. Either way Owlman looks as good as the prototypes we saw at the SDCC which is rarely the case.

He's the only figure in the set to come with an accessory too, a little owlrang I suppose. It's made of flexible rubber just like his cape so it kinda warps in his hand. Speaking of the cape it hangs beautifully from his shoulders and drapes over his arms in any position you put him in. The sculpting for his helmet is great as are the bands around his arms and legs. Even his belt is neat looking with an owl-faced buckle. Deadpool would be jealous.

Owlman's articulation is the basic DCU style seeing as they used a basic body with two exceptions. One, his head can actually pivot up and down on what appears to be a new neck joint, unlike the old ones that were solidly affixed in the neck. The other is that he's lacking ankle rockers. All the figures are. This limits the wide-legged stance you can put him in unless you steal an older figure's feet and swap them on.

So what's the catch? As I mentioned earlier he's part of a 5-pack set that's a Walmart exclusive only...and one that will run you $75! That's $15 a figure with only one accessory and no build-a-figure parts. For some that's just too steep. Your options are to buy the set and sell the extra figures on ebay to recoup some of your loss or just buy Owlman separately on Ebay at a premium which may be the smarter thing to do. Some sellers in Singapore/China have him for $20 buy it now but those are snapped up fast and then resold the same week for around $40-$50. Who knew he was this popular? Maybe we should start printing out Owlmoney.

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