Thursday, August 25, 2011

Marvel Universe Cable action figure review

Marvel Universe is an ever expanding line and almost has more characters in it than Marvel Legends. Cable is in one of the newer assortments hitting and there's two different ones. Cable with Baby Hope and Cable without. Hope attaches to his chest and can be swapped out with a regular chestplate. Cable comes with two guns that store on his body, a cool spear, and the baby if you're lucky.

This figure is one of the newer bodies or at least seems like it. It has the sought after cut-hips and double jointed knees. The articulation is amazing, especially the ankles which are the most perfect I've seen on ANY figure. By putting the peg at a 45% angle in the foot it turns side to side and is hinged forward to back. This allows him to take any running/kneeling/sliding pose you can think of and I hope Hasbro copies this with all their figures.

Cable's paint work is clean and fairly detailed. His skin has a nice wash to it as does his arms, the yellows/browns on his armor really look nice, and there's small details like the X insignias that are crisply painted. The red line work on his costume is spot on and I'm hoping this is the standard for MU figures in the future. They look like tiny Marvel legends that we know and love for their larger 6"scale.

One neat thing about Cable is that everything is removable, even his kneepads that would seem like part of the sculpt. This is so Hasbro can reuse the base body for other characters and doesn't have to pay for a brand new sculpt. This means you can effectively 'customize' your Cable by adding other 3 3/4" scale (GI Joe sized) weapons and armor. Well, that is if you can find a tad bit larger offerings from those lines.

See, oddly enough Cable is huge. He's taller than any Marvel Universe figure I own, taller than Juggernaut, Thanos, Dr Doom, even Colossus. This is kinda weird seeing as Cable isn't a hulking brute in the comics and if I remember right stands just an inch or so taller than Deadpool. Still, he's an excellent Marvel Universe figure and I recommend him if you're looking for a Cable figure to fill out a spot. Now if only he came in a Marvel vs Capcom 2 outfit...

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