Monday, September 5, 2011

Imaginext DC Super Friends Clayface action figure review

You've seen the Hasbro Marvel 'Super Hero Squad' style figures around and most other companies are capitalizing on entry-level minifigs for the 3yo+ crowd. Fisher Price is no exception but offer a different style of superhero figure by integrating DC characters into their Imaginext lines. Clayface is part of the newest assortment on the shelf and I almost passed him by as I thought he was just some sort of mud monster from one of their other lines.

Fortunately I took a closer look. Clayface's design is a simple one with two 'action features' of you will. He's hollow and has a hinge where you can open his mouth and fit Batman inside. Yes, he eats other figures. This alone scores high in the play-factor if you have a child who likes to feed their T-rex toys and Rancors.

The sculpt is to be expected of a toy aimed at the younger crowd. He definitely looks like a muddy clay and the black plastic specks blend in well with the plastic used for the body and the mallet. The mallet hand can be removed and fitted on to either of Clayface's hand, made of soft plastic itself. You could even use it with your BTAS or DCU Clayface with a little paint, it's nicely sculpted.

Clayface's articulation is limited to four points, five if you count the hinged jaw. But his charm is the simplicity of the figure's design. Basically a container he could hold your paint brushes, loose change, spare figure heads/hands, or serve as a Yahtzee cup. And even if your child doesn't know who Clayface is the possibilities for a mud-monster in their carpet-based-battles are endless. Clayface is available about everywhere and around 7-$8.

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