Monday, September 5, 2011

6" Titanium Man; Iron Man action figure review

He's mean, green, and hails from Soviet Russia, Titanium man is finally available in Marvel Legends scale. This appears to be an enlarged mold of the 3 3/4" Titanium man from the Iron Man movie line with a few tweaks. He somewhat resembles the character in the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 video game, at least the head does. Titanium Man has a very nice sculpt to him with plenty of armor detail and angled styling.

His articulation is top notch too. From double-jointed knees/elbows to movable shoulder pads, he can be posed most any way you want and fits in perfectly with your Marvel Legends theme. The only thing missing is rocker ankles but if he was just the upscaled version of the smaller figure this is forgivable. Titanium Man also has a great ab crunch and neck hinge.

TM comes with a wrist cannon that was actually included with the first Iron Man movie series Titanium Man, the one that looked like a 'mark 1' version. It's painted to match his armor and shoots two clear plastic blasts the same as the first one. Unfortunately it hardly fits on his wrists and you'll have to bend the clamp inward to get it to stay. Since he never used this in the comic you can probably ditch it in the parts box.

The paint apps on this figure are nice and the silver parts have a black wash to shade them. The green does look a bit plain but there's no slop on any of the figures I saw. He appears to be one per case and finding him may be a problem just like Crimson Dynamo which is shipping now in the wave that follows this one.

Now it comes down to how bad you really want Titanium Man. Toys R Us has the Armored Avenger line at an astounding $18. But he's showing up at Target for $14.99 and Walmart for $13, so that's a little better. He is a super articulated figure and those DC Universe figures with only half the joints are going for $18 these days so take that as you will.

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