Friday, September 16, 2011

Hydra Armored Soldier; Captain America Movie action figure review

With all the HAIL HYDRA action going on in the Captain America movie it's easy to see why being a goon is so fun. You get a cool costume and a gun that disintegrates things. The 3 3/4" Hydra Armored Soldier (not the deluxe) gets exactly that. He looks pretty close to the movie characters, though I think they may have had dark brown gloves/boots not black. There's also a variant of this figure in lighter green and yellow like in the comics.

The Hydra Soldier is really articulated well with ball jointed everything and double jointed knees. The skirt only partially hampers the leg articulation thanks to the split in it. He has cut upper thighs like the new MU bodies and I was able to get plenty of poses out of him. The sculpt is really detailed right down to his shades and nifty buckles on his shirt and boots. Hydra went all out here.

But what about weaponry? You can look spiffy but without equally spiffy guns you'll just be a twang off some guy's shield. Fortunately Hydra Soldier has that covered with two weapons, a rifle and an even BIGGER version of the same rifle that shoots a missile. Yeah, it's pretty much the exact same sculpt but larger. His H-harness is also removable and counts as an accessory I suppose.

So what's the big deal about this guy? Army building! Get three. Get twenty. Get some of the yellow/green variants, they have blue goggles. The Hydra Soldier is a really nicely sculpted and articulated figure. You could make some nifty customs from this guy if your army gets too big. He's in the assortment with the desert camo colored Captain America. Don't forget there's a deluxe version with the flamethrower units too. Enlist in Hydra army today! You'll be glad you have two heads when one gets cut off! Eh...or something like that.

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