Saturday, September 24, 2011

Adventure Time Deluxe 10" Finn with Changing Faces action figure review

Adventure time, c'mon grab your friends, we'll go to the neighborhood, toy store. Well that's not exactly how the title song goes but it's close enough if you want your Adventure Time fix. Jazzware's 10" Deluxe Finn with changing faces is one rather large figure and is shipping now.  There's a 2" line of pvc figures, a 5" line with stretchy arms, and plush toys as well. If you're a fan of the show then you'll be in hog heaven. Don't forget the role-play sword, it's actually rock hard plastic, not some Nerf weapon.

Finn is a very large figure and something that's going to stand out on your desk. He has an articulated neck, waist, hips, knees, and ankles. His arms are bendy tho his sword arm is molded at an angle so you can't straighten it all the way. You can however get them all wavy like Finn does them in the show or get basic poses out of them. Oddly enough the shoulders don't turn but that really doesn't get in the way.

Finn comes with his removable backpack and sword. The backpack goes on pretty tight and opens up so you can store items in it. There's two small pegs inside the backpack so perhaps a version of Jake attaches there that you can buy later. His sword is made of hard rubber and looks perfect. He has a little trouble holding it due to the bendy rubber the hands are made of.

Finn's paint applications for the most part are spot on and the decos on his multiple faces are great, sculpted into the face not just painted. Watch out because his head and pants are matte and will pick up EVERY SINGLE MARK if your hands aren't clean or you bump him against something. The faces are like the old Battle Armor He-Man figures, just rotate them up/down and a new one locks into place.

Watch out when buying your Finn, every sword was loose in the package as it didn't have a twistee-tie and one didn't even have a sword. I suspect it had fallen through the 'try-me' hole in the window or some kid fished it out. Check all the faces too before you buy, they're matte paint and some had marks. Overall Finn is a solid figure and will run you $18. But if you act now Toys R Us has all AT figs 25% off at the time of this writing!

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