Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Windcharger: Transformers Reveal the Shield action figure review

If you collected Transformers back in the 80's you may remember the pocket size ones. Windcharger was one of them (along with Warpath, Seaspray, Brawn, and some others) and was a little red muscle car. He's back in the Reveal the Shield line and is perhaps one of the best scout class figures to come out. He's also the hardest to find, only appearing at Ross outlet stores and in overseas assortments.

Windcharger has some really nice articulated like ball-jointed everything including ankles for those wide stances that are hard to get in most scouts. He has a real sturdy feel to him and he's molded in a metallic red plastic that looks really sharp. Two tones of gray, black, and silver round out his colors. While it may look it, he doesn't have light piping for the eyes.

What Windcharger does have is CANNON HANDS. Yes, both articulated wrists can fold in to reveal megaman-esq blasters that look pretty neat. You can also leave the hand partially up so it looks like he's flicking them out of his wrists as well. His alt mode is still a muscle car though lacking the sun roof sections the original had. It's wide, angled, and would have made a great deluxe mold. But keeping him small brings in the nostalgia factor.

Windcharger's bag of tricks doesn't end there either. He has two c-clip bars on his cannons where you can attach other weaponry to. The DotM Human Alliance weapons work well and so do the Generations. As mentioned before finding him is going to be a problem. He is available on Ebay at sometimes decent prices and Amazon if you want to pay a premium. Or you can just check Ross until he shows up at 2 per case along with Chopsaw, Sunspot, and Breacher. If you see them chances are Windcharger may be there too.

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