Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Avengers Studio Series 6" movie Hulk, Hawkeye, Thor, Walmart exclusive Marvel Legends figure review

Hawkeye HulkThe Avengers movie has set records everywhere in both movie sales and scrambling-to-find-the-newest-figure-hype. If you're lucky you may have seen these 6" Marvel Legends Avengers movie figures on the pegs at Walmart. Here we have Hulk, Hawkeye, and Thor. Right off the bat I'll tell you Thor has the exact same body as the one I already reviewed except with a new head so I won't say too much about him. Hawkeye and Hulk are the other hand are brand new figures and really, really, REALLY nice.

Thor HulkThe sculpting for Hulk and Hawkeye is top notch. Hulk has all sorts of sinewy muscle and cloth pants texture, great open fist to grab Loki and closed fist to punch, and his large-browed face sculpt is perfectly done. Hawk's face sculpt while wearing sunglasses is dead on Renner. His outfit with all the straps, kevlar-texture effect sculpted is perfect. I love the boot detail with tiny clasps. Only difference in Thor is his head and aside from the hair looking a bit short passes for the actor.

Articulation for Hulk is great. He does have 45 hips but his wide stance makes use of them properly. The ab crunch works great allowing Hulk to hunch. He has the new 45 ankles for maximum range and with double knees you can have Hulk kneel like the Atlas pose. Bravo Hasbro! Hawk has 90 deg hips and 45 ankles. His ab crunch moves better side to side more than the back and forth range. His right wrist tilts up and down for bow direction while his left wrist joints side to side for arrow direction. I was really impressed with this.

Paint work here is still a bit on the plain side. Hawkeye has the most with the purple sections, scuffed wrist protector, shaded hair, and all of his main buckles painted. His sunglasses are done sharply and there's no slop here. Hulk is more molded in plastic color tho his eyes, teeth, and shaded hair are perfect. Oh how I miss the paint apps of the last Cap/Thor movie figures. If these figures had them they'd be absolutely perfect. Thor's eyes and beard are nicely done here as are his eyes.

In the accessory department Hawkeye wins. He has his bow, removable quiver and also removable harness. Unfortunately like all bows the string is molded and doesn't make use of the super articulated wrists. A savvy customizer could easily cut-n-modify with wire for posing or string for shooting, tho no arrows are included. His harness while nice makes his quiver sit the wrong direction where it's suppose to jut out over his left shoulder. Hulk just comes with the usual interlocking base the rest do and Thor his hammer.

So what's the verdict? Buy them as soon as you see them. While the paint apps are a bit sparse this time around the sculpting and articulation are top notch. Hawkeye and Hulk can be used for all sorts of custom base bodies but are like Loki unfortunately packed one per case while we get two of Captain America, Iron Man, and Hulk. Tracking these figures down is hard right now because Walmarts are only getting one or two cases in at a time. You might even have to go Walmart-Midnight-Case-Opening like I had to in order to get these, But if the previous Cap/Thor Walmart exclusives are any indication we'll be seeing more of these and possibly so many they get clearanced. *fingers crossed*.


Mel Villafuerete said...

i have question for you i know you reviewed the Marvel Legends The Avengers Hulk and would like to know if i got the walmart figures but use the marvel Legends The Avengers Hulk would that work to size comparison?

Craig Oxbrow said...

You asked something I was wondering about, for much the same reason - the review shows him looming over the Hasbro Thor, I believe.

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