Monday, May 28, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters Bane, Batman, Alfred figure review

Bane, Alfred, Batman
Batman The Dark Knight Rises is one of the more anticipated films this summer and from every Batman film spawns countless action figures. These Movie Masters figures are 6" tall and DC Universe-style articulated. We had these last two movies but there's a new twist this time, a build-a-figure. Rather a build-a-bat-signal. You need six figures to complete it and three are in this first wave which are Batman, Alfred, and Bane.

Sculpting is very detailed and sharply done on all the figures. While Alfred has a new headsculpt he shares the body with the Joker goon/Harvey Dent. Batman is the exact same sculpt as the previous release. Bane is an entirely brand new sculpt and features some fairly nice mask detail, rubbery coat, and harness straps that are all well done. I'm not sure how close it is to the movie character but he looks menacing. His layered waist belts do make him look a little rotund under the jacket however.

Paint work for Bane is excellent. There's various levels of washes on his coat, weathering on his pants/boots, and his mask/eyes look very realistic. Batman has some extra lighter gray on his costume that the last figure didn't. Alfred is cast primarily in matte black but his face is really well done and his tie has some detailed paint work on it. Be careful when choosing your figures because not all were this clean. Batman's belt seems to give problems as I saw some pretty blotchy.

Articulation for Batman and Alfred is DC Universe style allowing for most action poses. There are ankle rockers in Alfred and Batman because they use old bodies but Bane being a new sculpt doesn't have them. He is also missing bicep articulation meaning he cannot cross his arms over in front of him. His ab crunch works very well as does his ball jointed neck. Bane's jacket doesn't really get in the way of his articulation but keeps his arms from moving all the way against his sides.

There are no character-specific accessories this time around. Last figure series we had Gotham City Police evidence but this time each figure has a part to a working build-a-bat-signal. They snap together easily and so far it looks to scale. Three more figures need to be released meaning you're left with an incomplete signal for right now. At around $16 each it's going to sting getting all six especially since there's a duplicate Batman in series 3 and possibly a character you may not want.

So what's the verdict? These are highly articulated figures with premium paint applications tho you probably already own a Batman just like this. The prospect of building a working Bat-Signal may be too cool to pass up for some, especially customizers who want to swap out the movie-bat logo for a comic one to project on their ceiling. Our sponsors Big Bad Toy Store has series 3 up for preorder and will probably get series 1 and 2 in shortly. You can also find them at regular retail outlets but beware, Alfred is one per case and is snatched up right away.

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