Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sen-ti-Nel Devilman Amon re:Creatures action figure review

Devilman is a character from a Japanese horror manga and later anime. While the original design was very tame almost Mazinger-ish, Devilman started to be interpreted into more of a monster through later artists. This figure is of Amon the demon fused with the main character to create Devilman. He's made by Sen-ti-nel and is the first in the line of re:Creatures. It's a Japanese import so tracking down this figure for a decent price may be tough. It's like you're looking at a statue here. The sculpting is far beyond that of normal figures and has texture on it of the likes which I have never seen before. From the segmented horns to the scaly wings that transition into leathery, everything sculpted is rendered in super-high-detail. I really like the facial expressions on the two different heads and the hands are excellent in both closed and open sculpts. The bendy tail holds superb detail as well.

Paint on this figure is nothing short of amazing except for the inner joints which were left factory plastic. This may not be a big deal but in some poses you'll see the tan joints at the ankle or shoulder peeking out. Otherwise this figure has been aibrushed, washed, shaded, and has a high-end statue quality paint job to it. The base, a dead demionic turtle is just as well done both in sculpt and paint making me wish it was a separate figure. It has creepy little faces for the shell.

Amon's Articulation is quite extensive and involves multiple ball joints in the chest and waist, neck, head, shoulder hinges and ball sections, then down to the hips and feet. He can crouch, leap, and his wings are jointed along with a really cool bendy tail. Care must be taken because the hinge joints are half-joints instead of full ones. Bending them sideways will snap them easily. But this figure is more for posing than play.

Speaking of posing you get a neat sectional display stand with a mechanical jointed arm to hold him in flying position. There's included pegs to attach multiple stands together. The turtle part is an extra piece that just sits there looking neat. Amon comes with two smaller wings, extra open mouth head, green flames for the mouth, and open clawed hands. Take care to heat the plastic before attaching them as they'll be a tight fit.

The verdict? If you're a fan of the series, want a cool monster, or can even find this guy, buy it. Only Ebay seems to see him pop up as every other online site/service has him out of stock. There's a repaint version, Devilman Sull you may want to check out as well.

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