Monday, May 21, 2012

Avengers Studio Series 6" movie Captain America, Loki Marvel Legends Walmart Exclusive figure review

With the Avengers a gigantic worldwide record-setting smash of a movie it's no surprise Walmart got to be the sole distributor of Marvel Legends movie figures just as they did with Thor and Captain America. Here I'll be reviewing Captain America and Loki. Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, and Hawkeye are the others in the assortment tho Iron Man is just a battle damaged repaint of the Mark VII (admittedly cool looking) and Thor is the same as the movie one with a new non-helmeted head.

Sculpt on Cap and Loki are downright beautiful. There's different levels of texture on Cap's suit from the smooth boots, matte dark blue, and cloth-like lighter blue that makes up his main uniform. His helmet wings/forehead A are raised slightly and the utility belt is a separate piece. Cap's face is spot on and stern looking. There's super fine detail on his gloves and individual tread on his boots.

Articulation for Captain America is astounding. He has a new mid-torso joint that acts as a ball joint allowing him to tilt/weave and yet it remains tight. He can look straight up, his 90 deg hip articulation allows for full movement like kneeling, and he shares the same 45 deg MU ankle joint that gives him incredible side range. His wrist swivel is located where the end of his glove where it meets the forearm allowing for a flowing sculpt.

Paint for Cap is crisp and clean but unfortunately lacking. He's primarily cast in colored plastic and unlike last year's Captain America/Thor Walmart figures that had washes and highlights these have neither. You may want to go over him with a dark blue paint wipe and shade in the red to bring out all the amazing detail. Cap's shield has straps that allow you to store it on his back, something not seen since ToyBiz's series 1 Cap. It's hard plastic and looks sharp.

Loki's sculpt is an immaculate representation of Tom Hiddleston's character with one minor flaw, he lacks the long hair that flares out behind him. I suppose this is to get the helmet to fit on perfectly, which it does, but it's noticeably missing. Loki's coat and armor is extremely detailed with the same level of texture Cap has. His gesturing right hand tho unable to hold his staff is nice for effects such as reaching out or placing it on his hip.

Loki shares the same smooth and clean paint apps but again without any extras. Sharp eyes will notice his breastplate is gold instead of grey like in the film. Articulation is quite decent and he has a nice range of hip articulation with his tunic barely hindering his legs at all. He can even sit. While Loki shares the same great 45 deg ankles he only has a cut waist and a single ball jointed neck. Loki comes with quite a bit of extras like his helmet, staff (complete with Thanos' Mind Gem instead of the cosmic cube the 3 3/4" figure staff mistakenly had) his two-piece uniform and an interlocking stand.

The nicely sculpted stands can be configured different ways, stacked or linked together. But the pegs are situated too far back causing feet to stick out over the edge in most poses. With Cap it's not as noticeable since his peg holes are at his heels but with Loki they're more in the middle of his foot. The packaging serves its purpose and displays a quick character bio as well as pictures of the rest of the members.

So what's the verdict only these highly anticipated figures? They are some of the nicest sculpts I've seen come out of Marvel Legends. The articulation is amazing tho they lack the paint app extras we saw in the previous movie lines. If you're a Marvel Legends fan or just want some great movie figures for $14.99 snag these up. Finding them may be a problem for some as they are Walmart exclusives and need to be tracked down. Our sponsor Big Bad Toy Store has a limited amount preorderable but the majority will have to be found on the pegs.

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