Saturday, May 12, 2012

Marvel Select Avengers Movie Hulk Figure Review

Normally I'm a comic-style collector. I do like watching movie designs on screen but generally stick to figures as they appear in the comics. Here the Marvel Select Avengers Hulk has broken me of that. I know he's Ruffalo Hulk and he doesn't have purple pants. I don't care. This is one nice figure. Standing at 10" tall this is one massive figure. He's weighty too, not as heavy as the Marvel Select Juggernaut but up there. Don't drop him on your foot.

Sculpting for Hulk is detailed but in a soft, smooth way. There's not a ton of texture to his skin but it's there just under the paint. I would have liked some fabric texture for the pants, they're quite smooth but the wrinkles and torn edges look nice enough. Hulk's face is really well done and his hair is a separate piece. I think all figures need this done as it really gives the Hulk dimension. He has two nicely sculpted fists at long last which fans have been asking for.

Paint work for the Hulk consists of a dark green plastic with a thick wipe of a lighter green paint with airbrushed shading. The dark plastic showing underneath can give his muscles a streaked look so choose the best paint job. It does work for the character, I just wish it was consistent. His pants are weathered and his mottled green nails look cool. Hulk's eyes and mouth are the best thing about the paint apps. They're really well done and you can see the reflective pupil dots.

Hulk's articulation is interesting. Right off the bat you'll notice he has DC Universe hing-hips. He also has new Marvel Universe/ML 45 deg ankle rockers. This allows him to do a complete split! The range on his shoulders and single jointed elbows is good and the neck/abdomen true ball joints allow for nice movement including tilt. Hulk's hips can't get 90 deg, more of a 45 deg stepping forward range. Seeing how bulky he is I suppose it was a trade off. His knees get better range and combined with the ankles makes for decent leg posing.

Hulk's scale against a Marvel Legends is huge, you may want him to crouch down a little. But if you're a fan of giant-comic-Hulks then he's definitely that standing at full height. He's more in scale next to his Marvel Select movie counterparts. But that doesn't stop him from being one awesome looking Hulk when placed on your shelf.Word of caution, hold his upper hips when moving his legs out or inwards at first. They tend to bend a little at the crotch and while they may not break the joint looks bit springy until they loosen up.

So what's the verdict? This may very well be the Hulk you're looking for. In my opinion he's the best we've gotten so far in terms of a standard Hulk even if he is a movie version. Customizers may want to paint his pants purple and give him a belt for that comic look. And at around $20 he's a heavy, well sculpted value. I plan to have him duking it out with my Marvel Select Juggernaut, if my shelf will hold that weight! You can pick Hulk up at our Sponsors Big Bad Toy Store and Past Generation Toys.

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