Sunday, May 20, 2012

Transformers Prime Vehicon Deluxe RID Figure Review

Transformers Prime is the all-CGI show featuring everyone's favorite Autobot and Decepticons re-imagined in interesting designs. And because a little collateral damage needs to be thrown in for the bad guys the Vehicon was introduced. A clone-army type soldier it comes in two flavors, flying and ground based. Here I'm reviewing the ground based Vehicon as the jet type comes out later and will have shared parts.

Sculpting for the Vehicon mold is sharp with lots of angles and edges. The headsculpt is particularly nice and features a purple light-pipe visor that works great. I like how the chest emblem and detail is under clear plastic. Those tall shoulders give off a dangerous vibe. The arms are a bit thin and it's a shame you can't spin the leg kibble around so the tires are showing in front like they have on the show. A customizer could mod that easily however by removing the purple stop-tab.

Articulation for Vehicon is excellent. His ball neck has good range, his shoulders can spread far apart, and his strange elbow joints allow for tons of movement. His knees don't quite bend 90 deg but one can shave some of the purple plastic off behind them for more range. There's no ankle articulation but the toe does move and it allows Vehicon to step well. There's no waist either but it looks like you could add one with proper measurement and adding a ball joint under chest. He unscrews easily.

Paint apps are clean and detailed on robot mode but somewhat sparse on the vehicle. Missing are the purple grill detail we saw on the proto so get out your paint brush. He's cast in a very nice dark purple plastic that almost looks black. Transformation is magical. Like Animated Lockdown, Vehicon's legs unfold to be the whole length of the car. The back grille pushes down/folds to make the head spring up. Everything simple enough you don't even need instructions and the end result looks great without being a shellformer or gimmickformer

Vehicon's wepon is a single blaster that can be positioned in different ways. On his shoulder, holding it as a gun, or fold up his hand and lock it on to his wrist. There's tabs on either wrist for this but I can only get it to snap on to the right one as it pops off the left. Vehicle mode reminds me of the Batmobile in a big way and feels really solid despite the folding leg panels making up 80% of the car. The blaster can be attached on the side via 5mm port.

So what's the verdict? This figure is a must-buy and in multiples. He's an army-builder but packed only one per case so getting him is going to be tough. Our sponsors Big Bad Toy Store gets him in but sells out fast as does Past Generation Toys. You might have to resort to Amazon or even Ebay for him right now.

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