Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Marvel Legends 2012 Series 2 Big Time Spiderman, Arnim Zola, Madame Masque figure review

Hasbro's Marvel Legends series has retaken the shelves by storm and continues to sell out. With DC Universe on hiatus until 2013 the 6" scale superhero scale is dominated by Marvel at the moment. To finish up our review of series 2 we have Spiderman in his Future Foundation costume, Madame Masque, and Build-a-Figure Arnim Zola. Finding these figures on the pegs has been tough recently due to lack of restock and movie lines taking all the available space.

Madame Masque kicks off the review by being a very nice female figure using the Sharon Carter body. She features a brand new head and gloves as well as a belt. Her overall sculpt is great for a female and variations of this make up the bulk of the new Marvel Legends females. Her paint work is clean with light blue shading that looks great on the white and a bright gold mask being her trademark. Also gold colored is her gun which fits into her belt holster.

Madame Masque comes with another gun (which was promptly lost, sorry) and both are re-uses from the earlier Nick Fury/Hand Ninja 2-pack. Her articulation is excellent with the exception of not having tilt ankles. Her wrists do turn at the glove cuff. Future Foundation Spiderman is up next, this being the variant, or rather easier-to-find version than the Big Time green and black suit. His main body is Captain Marvel but has an all new head, lower arms, hands, lower legs and feet.

Spidey's paint work is black paint on white plastic without any shading or highlights but it absolutely works for him. The contrast is excellent and the lines are clean and crisp, mine had 0 slop. Spiderman's articulation is amazing. He has full tilt wrists, head that can look straight up, and 45 deg ankles that allow for tilt. Coupled with his already great range of motion you can get him into some great classic poses. He does not come with an Arnim Zola piece however and has no accessories.

The build-a-figure in the set is the twisted geneticist Doctor Arnim Zola and somewhat of an obscure character when it comes to BAF choices. His body is an all new sculpt and it looks great with flowing sleeves, banded legs, the sensor-head and main head in the TV-type apparatus for his chest. His hands are sculpted nice, one open gesturing right palm and a gripping left one to hold his remote device.

Articulation for Zola is also great, full range of motion on every part of him such as hinged wrists, 45 tilt ankles, waist, even ball hips. Hasbro could have skimped seeing as Zola doesn't do much fighting in the comics himself but went all out. His paint is crisp and clean, gold detailing nicely applied but doesn't have any shading or highlights. His human face looks neat (a sticker it appears) under the clear plastic and completes his bizarre appearance. Is he worth collecting all 6 figures? It may depend on how familiar you are with the character.

So what's the verdict? These are some excellent figures. Spiderman is the big winner here with great styling design, articulation, and paint work that's notoriously hard to pull off cleanly. Masque has a variant, Madame Hydra that's much harder to find as that case has the Big Time spidey that's commanding big bucks on the aftermarket. The figures can be found at our sponsors Past Generation Toys and Big Bad Toy Store at preorder which means you won't miss out on them. Try to find them in the stores and you may only find a Drax or Dakken left as Spiderman and Masque are snatched up quick.

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