Thursday, October 20, 2011

Walmart exclusive Movie Thor and Loki Marvel Legends Review

Available at USA Walmarts right now are the Thor and Captain America movie figures in your favorite 6" Marvel Legends scale. I'll be covering Movie Thor and Loki in this section but there's other figures in each series, some new and some repaints. Starting off with Loki you'll notice he looks downright pissed. This is a great headsculpt that really shows off his dark nature. The grasping left hand is great for those "I SHALL RULE THE WORLD!" poses. He clocks in at 7 1/2" too which makes for a pretty tall villain.

Loki's back fur is removable and technically so are his fur boot cuffs and waistband if you heat them up. See, that's the Hulk Classics Doc Samson body underneath with extra parts added on like Hasbro is doing with the Marvel Universe line. Re-using bodies is fine except Loki's thighs don't have a swivel, making it hard for him to sit. Instead he gets an Indian-style sitting position. But if you're going to just have him stand there and look tough this isn't an issue.

The paint work on both the Thor and Cap A are truly awesome. It's what we remember Marvel Legends being like when ToyBiz had them. There's wash on the body, fur, highlights on the muscles and face, and drybrushed highlights on his furry cloak. Everything is detailed and the re-release figures (Ultimate Cap and Blob-series Battle Thor) are painted SO much better than the original ones they're worth picking up again.

So with Loki out of the way we move on to Thor. This is Chris Hemsworth and he stands at 7 1/4", way taller than your regular Marvel Legends. In fact he's almost the same size as the Marvel Select version and much more articulated. He has cut-hip swivels like the Marvel Universe figures, a first for the ML line if I'm correct. Everything is super poseable tho and works for getting some amazing poses out of him.

I like the helmeted head but wish he came with an un-helmeted one as well. You might be able to use the Marvel Select alt head for this with a little Dremel work. The sculpt on Thor and Mjolnir is sharply detailed. From his winged helmet tips to the super fine tread on the underside of his boots, this is one well sculpted figure. His cape has a great texture to it as well. Mjolnir looks equally impressive.

The paint work on Thor is quite nice tho the helmet is missing any sort of wash, almost like it was a last minute addition. Everything else is painted and has some sort of shading on it like the very subtle tones on his cape. His scale-mail sleeves are highlighted to look like floating metal plates. Even Mjolnir has a great wash that brings out the detail and battle scuffing on its surface.

So what's the verdict? At $14.99 each which seems to be the running price of 6" figures now from all companies they're great figures. The other re-released figures in the set actually have more paint apps than these and are worth the price too. The scale might turn some collectors off but we are talking about Thor and Loki, two Asgardian gods who are portrayed at different heights in the comics, Loki especially being able to shapeshift. This will probably be your definitive Loki for the moment seeing how absolutely badass he looks. So run down to your local Walmart and pick them up.


Fabricio Marvel said...

How many points of articulation on THOR?

John Mallamas said...

22 points of articulation. Double jointed knees and elbows.