Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Walking Dead Officer Rick Grimes; McFarlane toys review

Rick Grimes hails from the comic turned TV show "The Walking Dead". Basically it's zombies 24/7 and the group of people that try to survive. Rick is your small-town sheriff that stands at 5". Yes, even tho these were marketed everywhere as 6" figures they're that odd Halo 3 scale. I guess Master Chief has a hunting buddy. But let's skip the scale and get to the figure which is actually really nice as I don't want to harp on the issue.

Rick sports almost Halo-style articulation like dual-ball neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and ankles. His hips are swing-out just like Halo and work well enough for what they're intended. He won't be crossing his legs anytime soon but you can get him into most poses. His waist turns and he can hold some of his rifles in both hands. The joints have little ratchet lines on them and look kinda odd close up but you can bend his arms and hide them.

The sculpt of this figure is excellent. Every winkle, seam line, police badge, and pouch on his belt is done in perfect detail. Open his jacket and you'll see his name plate and shirt badge too. All his accessories are sculpted perfectly and the shotguns/rifles have nicely designed stocks/barrels. Rick was sculpted in a leaning position then given articulated so his left leg is a little longer than the other meaning you'll need to lean his hips to make him stand or bend a knee. This isn't as off-putting as it sounds.

Rick comes with five guns, a sack to hold them in, and a hatchet. His pistol and hatchet fit on his belt and the guns in the sack, then the sack on his shoulder via the oddly placed hole right on his jacket. That could have been moved to the back. So the figure can carry everything he comes with. Even his holster strap snaps over to keep his gun in. I really like the detail of the weapons and how they're not just molded in color but have details like the slides painted.

Speaking of paint, the entire figure is painted head to toe. There's highlights and shadows on all his clothes, a nice flesh tone with stubble, a bloody bandaged right hand, nice gold badges on his clothes and hat, you name it and they painted it. This leaves you with a very nice looking figure. And it better be nice looking for $20 toys r us is charging. I hope he'll be cheaper at Walmart but don't know if this line will show up there. I mean you're getting zombies that have pop-off limbs, one with an exploding head feature, and another with a torn-away-guts-hanging-crawler action. This is both amazing and mainstream-ewww at the same time. Rick's eyes are painted in a look-to-my-left position so take that as you will.

So there you have it. Rick's guns are scaled for Halo and some of them will fit Marvel Universe figures. The Punisher would do well here. Rick is scaled odd but he's a really decent figure that's painted great and articulated well. But we're getting a whole line of pop-apart, gut spilling, brain-exploding zombies. I'll pick more up if they're around $15 elsewhere as $20 is hard to swing when it doesn't match anything you already own. Man, if only these were Marvel legends scale, McFarlane would have sold so many for the accessories alone..

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