Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DC Universe Wave 19 Magog action figure review

If you've read the Kingdom Come graphic novel (and you better have) then you know who Magog is even if you haven't caught his appearances in the regular comics. Cabl...I mean Magog stands 6" tall like the rest of the DCU and has a brand new sculpt for every part of his body. I particularly like the sculpt of the organic golden sections growing out of his skin, pants, and boots. His waist gun is sculpted on to his belt and can't be removed unfortunately.

Magog's paint apps are what you expect for DCU with a light shading on his flesh tones and a wash of dark brown on his belt and pouches. His boots could have benefited from a wash but like the rest of him are solid colors. The gold is nice and neat, shiny and smooth. His ram horns are shiny gold and look pretty nifty. You can even see the tiny scars on Cab...Magog's right eye and his mouth-line is painted in, uncommon for a DCU.

Articulation for Ca...Ok let's get this out of the way. Magog is DC's visual version of Marvel's Cable. Pouches, shoulderpad, kneepads, webgear-pants, metal left arm/body section, and a right eye with a star-scar. I simply can't unsee that. But anyway articulation is what you'd expect for a DCU with a better tilt neck joint. His shoulderpad fringes are flexible to allows his arms plenty of room. Mattel got rid of the rocker foot joints and that's all he's missing.

Overall Magog is another fine addition to your DC Universe collection and comes with a hard plastic staff and a chunk of the S.T.R.I.P.E. build a figure robot. You have to collect all 6 figures to make STRIPE but that's where you'll pause. because each figure will run you $18. While I want a giant red white and blue robot I'm torn between the characters I'm not interested in and the $100+ it will cost to end up with them. Though the golden age Sandman is in the set. I'd get him too. Magog the Cable clone, he's waiting at a Walmart/Target/Toys R Us near you.

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