Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Marvel Universe Scarlet Spider figure Review

Spiderman has gone through a lot of changes over the years, none so controversial as the whole clone thing that read like a bad soap opera. But one good thing to come out of it was the Scarlet Spider costume design, a red suit with a blue hoodie. Here we have SS in 3 3/4" scale in the Marvel Universe series. I really wish they'd make one 6" scale because this figures shows how well they could do it.

Scarlet Spider has great articulation since he sports an updated MU body that has the better torso and cut hips. Still no rocker ankles and only single joint elbows so far but it's still the better MU body and works great here. You can get SS into the spiderman poses you need and still have him look great. His head is on a decent ball joint as well.

Sculpting on his hoodie and costume accessories are excellent. They're all removable too if you pop his different joints off carefully, with the exception of the hoodie. You could remove that too if you peeled the glue from the side seam however. Basic body sculpt and paint is on par with the current MU offerings, a great wash on the hoodie and sharp details on the eyes. The spider symbol is nicely done as well.

If you like the Scarlet Spider design then hit up Past Generations Toys because he's selling out everywhere. They also have harder to find characters like X-23 and Steve Rogers. With Marvel Universe exploring a whole lot of characters you can add Scarlet Spidey to your collection as the first decent version of him we've ever had. Just watch out for clones and Jackals. They end up making a mess of things.

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