Sunday, August 7, 2011

RedaKai, Conquer the Kairu: Harrier action figure review

I stumbled onto Harrier when I was browsing Toys R Us and found the RedaKai figures all alone on a peg near the Marvel figures. They appear to be one of those card-game-based-figure lines made by Spinmasters. Some of them project 'Blast 3D' card effects through their chests. Harrier doesn't have this feature, instead he comes with a large pair of wings and a feather sword.

Harrier's design is solid and doesn't look like anything else out there. He's 4" tall and well sculpted with all sorts of angled features on him. The wings are particularly well done and his menacing clawed hands along with crow-like head really scream avian. You can pop off his wings if you wish and they rotate. His sword is clear green and fits fairly well in his hand.

Harrier's articulation is also pretty good with everything ball jointed or hinged. His legs pop off a little too easy but that's a minor point with the only waist and ankle articulation missing. I was able to get him into a few cool poses and the huge wings help with the coolness factor. Judging from the other figures on the pegs they all look fairly posable and that's always a plus.

The paint apps are well done with very little slop though I noticed from the back of the package figures with silver on them were shown having a mirror-chrome finish. This isn't the case on the pegs, rather the silver being swapped out with a regular matte silver paint scheme with some sort of black wash.

The game card he comes with is actually quite cool. It's a lenticular card, meaning when you tilt it the animation kicks in. You can see through most of it but the 'sniper sight blast' moves around. Apparently you slide these cards behind the smaller light-up figures or in the backs of the larger figures and it projects the animation. Nifty.

Harrier was $10 which seems a little high for a 4" fig and the 7" ones were $20. But for large green wings that just scream "Marvel Universe Vulture custom" I caved and bought him. Check out the RedaKai at Toys R Us and K-mart, that's where I've seen them so far.

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clark said...

Target has these on sale for $3 each ($5 for the 6" tall figures like the one you used for a steampunk iron man custom). I really like the designs of most of these characters, I've just been waiting for the right price. So I picked up several of them. I really like Harrier, although his legs fall of much easier than the other figures I bought.