Thursday, February 14, 2013

Marvel Legends 2013 Hit Monkey series: Archangel, Wolverine, Protector action figure review

Continuing with the second part of the Hit Monkey Build-a-Figure series we reviewed yesterday I'll take a look at the other three figures in the assortment, well four if you count Hit Monkey. These are the six-inch Marvel legends figures and the newest wave to appear. Archangel and Wolverine are repaints from the SDCC exclusive X-force set with only Protector, Hyperion, and Red She-Hulk containing the BAF pieces.

Taking a look at Wolverine reveals he uses the toybiz ML series 6 brown Wolvie body with brand new head, arms, and legs. The body reuse gives him the stocky look we're accustom too tho it somewhat lacks the defined muscles that the shoulders and legs have. Archangel uses the Bucky Cap/US Agent body and nearly the same face with plain arms and lower legs. This is a perfect body for customizers to use because of these features or lack thereof. Protector uses the Big Time/FF Spiderman body with a new chest, head, and slip-on gauntlets. Overall the sculpts look nice and work for each character. Wolverine's claws are actually each separate from another and can possibly be removed if you head his hand up, looking like they're plugged in rather than glued.

Articulation for each figure is nearly perfect with full 45 deg ankle motion, hinged wrists which is always a great feature, Wolvie and Arch sporting the MU style cut upper thighs. No pose is impossible with the excellent range of articulation tho Wolvie's ab crunch doesn't get as much motion due to it being an older mold set on a pseudo ball joint. Archangel's wings are hinged with full fold and tilt motion with hinges mid way and even on the smaller back wing sections, an impressive feat. They hold nice and tight for flying poses too.

Paint for this series is exceptional. Wolverine has a silvery paint instead of gray like the SDCC version and utilizes a nice airbrushed highlighting. Protector sports clean paint apps and a opalescent white plastic color that serves as his base. Some shading may have been useful here as he does look a bit plain. Archangel's metallic purple is amazing and stands out well against his blue body color. His facial features are spot and clean, tho his wings are cast in a dull silver rather than given the shiny silver paint the SDCC version had. You may want to pick one of those up as well to swap wings to display.

In the accessory department Wolvie doesn't get anything while Protector gets two guns courtesy of Phantomex and a Hit Monkey BAF part. Archangel gets his wings which are removable and fully articulated. I do wish they had a sweep articulation point mid way so they could open more. Now... Hit Monkey if you're not familiar with the character came out of the Deadpool series. He assembles easily and is the smallest build a figure to date.

But what Hit Monkey lacks in size he makes up in pure awesomeness. HM is fully jointed with ball everything, full ankle motion, and only lacking an ab crunch. He's painted with airbrushed highlights to his inner shirt, great facial detail, and glossly black gloves on his hands and feet that stand out. But what's a hitman without weapons? Hit Monkey comes with four total, two pistols and two machine guns that he can hold normally or upside down with his pinky fingers on the triggers. I was ready to hate this figure until I had him in hand, now he's part of the family.

So what's the verdict on these last four figures? This is the classic Archangel people wanted so he's a must. Wolverine may be a pass if you already have the nearly-identical SDCC one but chances are you don't. Who's Protector again? He's still nicely made and you'll need him to build Hit Monkey regardless. AND YOU WANT HIT MONKEY. As I mentioned earlier the best deal is from our sponsor Big Bad Toy Store with singles, a set, and cases ready. You won't find them cheaper and getting a case will net you an extra Cap and Wolverine for customizing for just $10 more than a set. Now we wait to see when the variants for this wave (and last wave, where's Blade and red Deadpool?) appear.

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