Wednesday, February 13, 2013

He Man Classics Granamyr Dragon action figure review

Granamyr the Great Magic Wielding Dragon appeared in the He-Man cartoons and for some reason sticks out in my mind fairly well among all the other characters. He appeared in just 4 episodes but was the one opponent He Man couldn't defeat by strength alone. Mattel decided it was time to give this giant dragon a giant action figure treatment and here he is.

The box is done in classic MotU packaging, a white outer box and the inner art-covered box inside. Granamyr comes unembarrassed and in a neat plastic tray. Less than 2 minutes and you'll have him put together, immediately noticing how huge he is standing (or rather sitting) and 23" tall. The sculpting for him is excellent with detail in all the scales, leathery wings, toothy facial features, and black claws. The belly plates are nicked and dinged from battles long since past and the viking-esq helmet looks the part as well.His wings happen to be re-uses from Draego Man from the line.

Articulation for this big fellow is pretty decent considering he's mainly pvc Roto-Cast plastic. His ball jointed neck works great, and everything else on him is ball-jointed save for the shoulders, hips, and tail. The lack of ball shoulders means he can't really reach out to the side, odd that joint was left out considering arm movement is the main feature given his sitting position. While his upper body seems to have an ab crunch it's just the connection spot and doesn't move. Still there's rather decent range of movement with everything and you can even stand him up. As light as he is Gran's legs can support his own weight, if only looking a little funny doing so.

Paint applications are very clean and consist of primary plastic colors with airbrushing for highlights and shadows. The lighter purple on his belly could have used a wash but looks decent regardless all one shade.His helmet is a nice metallic color and the fade to the horns looks rather nice. All those tiny teeth are sharply painted and the bright yellow eyes set inside the dark sockets gives Gran some terrifying features.

Granamyr doesn't come with any accessories and unfortunately his helmet isn't removable. Had it been, he would have made an excellent generic 'boss dragon' for kids to pit their heroes up against. There's some assembly instructions but that's it. I kind of wish he came with a treasure pile or some of the gold armor/weapons he guards.

So what'd the verdict on this massive fellow? Well he was $80 to begin with on the MattyCollector site but has long since been sold out. That means secondary market is your only choice. Before you check ebay head over to our sponsor Big Bad Toy Store has him in stock but you can bet he won't last long. If you're in the mood for a giant centerpiece to your Masters of the Universe collection you don't get much bigger than this, well unless you're ordering their gigantic Castle Grayskull.

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