Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Transformers Prime legion class Cliffjumper figure review

I won't deny I feel legion class (or legends class) is an unnecessary scale in the Transformers line. Scout class covers the smaller vehicles just fine. So when I see tiny, barely articulated Transformers for $6 or more I cringe. Imagine my surprise when I found the Transformers Prime legion class on the shelf...and one with a full set of ball jointed limbs. Cliffjumper is the focus of our review today and stands a diminutive 3" tall.

Yet within this small frame is housed 11 points of articulation. Cliff has ball jointed shoulders, elbows, hips, and feet. His knees are hinged which is almost never the case in legion class. In fact the other figures in this assortment don't even have moving elbows. Somehow Cliffjumper came out on top. He has sort of an ab crunch that can make him lean backwards and is part of his transformation. There's no head articulation because honestly it's far too tiny.

All this articulation works well allowing Cliffjumper to get into sitting, running, punching, just about any basic pose. Again, I don't know of any other legion/Legends class figure that can do this. Cliff comes with a clear red sword (or gun depending on what way it's facing) that he can hold a variety of different ways via the 4 pegs on it. It attaches to vehicle mode allowing you to drive him closer so he can hit them with his sword.

Vehicle mode is actually really well done and pegs together nicely. The little horns are painted and the overall paint work on Cliff is clean and sharp including the ultra-tiny Autobot logo on his chest. Transformation is more complex than other legion class but still easy enough, similar to most scout class vehicles. Shoulders down, legs together, fold his waist, and you can see where everything lines up nicely.

Getting back to articulation his ball jointed ankles and wide feet work great to get him into wide stances or running poses. He can almost cross his arms, at least pound his fists together in front of him. His packaging says "File card included" but it's actually just part of the cardboard side insert that you have to cut free. I would have liked to see an actual plastic card or something if they're going to advertise it that way.

So what's the verdict? For $5 you get a small, but highly articulated version of a Transformers Prime character you probably won't be able to find. Yeah, those First Edition deluxe Cliffjumpers are Canada/UK only right now. But if you need a small buddy for your iGear Rager or Spray, or perhaps you collect the Legion class, Cliffjumper is an excellent addition. You can pick up the Japanese version of him with more paint apps here at our sponsor Big Bad Toy Store or snag him at Target, Walmart, or anywhere Transformers are sold.

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