Saturday, February 11, 2012

Marvel Legends 2012 Constrictor, Klaw, Iron Man figure review

We're back with part 2 of my Marvel Legends 2012 review and here I cover Klaw, Constrictor, and Extremis Iron Man. All three of these characters saw Marvel Universe releases and now you get them in glorious 6" scale. I'm glad they included Klaw, being a somewhat B-villain in may people's eyes but still classic and deserving a release as he incited events leading T'Challa to become the Black Panther. Constrictor was last seen in the Siege arc I believe.

Klaw's body is a reuse of the Walmart exclusive Scarlet Spider with a new head/hands. It's a rather decent one and has nice range of motion but again no tilt ankles. His paint apps are very sharp and clean. However there's not a lot of them. He has no shading on his muscles just the black and purple designs. But his colors are nice and striking. His facial sculpt is great, open mouth screaming with a Dr-Doom style inner mouthplate that's perfectly painted. I was expecting not to like this character but he quickly grew on me.

Constrictor shares the Moon Knight body with new forearms, head, and lower legs. This is even a nicer articulated body than Klaw and features nearly hidden pec movement. His tentacles aren't bendy unfortunately but flexible enough to be wrapped around things. Like Klaw he has no shading on his body but instead has crisp, clean orange and black striped sections. It's interesting to note his lower legs are molded in an orange plastic that almost perfectly matches his painted orange.

The face sculpt on Constrictor is quite impressive, an evil grin full of individually painted teeth complete with fangs and inner red mouth. Again I'm impressed by the clean paint because lines like this could have easily been badly done as we've seen in the past. His sculpted forearms are the perfect look for lashing out with his tendrils. If you're looking close you can see he still has a belt line around his waist but it's not very noticeable. Another character I was 'meh' on at first but ended up loving to pose. It's not like you should pass him up either, both him and Klaw come with Terrax pieces.

Extremis Iron Man is a figure people have been waiting forever for. His sculpt is sleek with nice panel detailing, palm/foot repulsors, and looks like the Marvel Universe version just enlarged. His paint work is clean for the most part but I see where they had to do touch-ups on the gold part of his mask. His armor has a dark red wash and shiny clear red coating. The gold is bright and the eye/chest sections are an ivory color instead of just white which makes it look really unique. The head can also be removed and replaced with the Tony Stark head that came in the Toys R Us 2-pack.

IM's articulation is great with one exception. He has shoulder-hinged pads so he can raise his arms straight up, his head also able to look straight up for flight mode. IM's ball torso joint has amazing forward/back range too. The hip discs swivel up out of the way but his actual hip artic suffers, each leg only being able to raise to about a 30 deg angle like in the picture and not a 90 deg sitting one. Tho this can be remedied by taking an x-acto knife and carving away at the upper lip of plastic at his crotch-plate if you're careful.

None of the characters come with any accessories save for a "Tales of Terrax" story pamphlet and a piece to a Build-a-Figure Terrax who I'll cover in a later review. With the neat accessories Steve Rogers came with I would have expected to see an energy blast or two with Iron Man or prhaps a Klaw sound-blast. But even without them these figures are downright fun to pose and add to your 6" Marvel Legends collection.

What's the verdict? Well if you want to build Terrax you'll need them and honestly they're pretty nice. Klaw was a boss in the classic Avengers video game so there's some nostalgia value. All three bodies lend themselves to being perfect custom figure fodder having very base-body-sculpts. Our sponsors Big Bad Toy Store and Past Generation toys have these for preorder or you can wait until they pop up at local shops. But the way they're selling out so fast is an indication of how well this line was produced. Bravo Hasbro, bravo.

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