Monday, January 23, 2012

Thundercats Cheetara by Bandai figure review

Thunder, Thunder, Thundercats ho! You all saw that coming. And what's already arrived in stores is the newest assortment of Thundercats featuring some of the current animated characters. Cheetara is the focus of this review. She's Marvel Legends scaled at six inches (a bit shorter as most women in the line are) and can be found alongside a new 6" classics Mum Ra and Lion-O. I believe the current Tigra is in this assortment too but didn't see him in the case. He is pictured on the back of the package.

Cheetara's sculpt is great with a very athletic look to her. The collar, torn shoulder sleeves, and bangles really make her look unique. The hair is nicely sculpted and her clawed toes look like they could do some damage. Then you get to the big black pins and shoulder discs. Bandai said they were looking into changing these but I guess that didn't happen yet. They really detract from the overall look but I guess we should be thankful they're not shiny metal rivets anymore.

The paint apps on the figure are spot on with hardly any slop. Speaking of spots she has darker colored ones on her shoulders and hair which are accurately placed but could be a lot darker as they get lost against her skin color. The gold on her bangles is shiny and the Thundercats emblem under her breasts is crisp. The pouch behind her back is even colored and so are her little kneecap decorations.

Now for the problem. While the facial paint is applied great the eye tampograph was set too small. There's extra space on her pink eyeliner-mask where the black edges should be but were squeezed to fit inside the actual eye sculpt, not around it. This makes her head look tiny and after matching it up against the picture on the back and the show art I can see ta huge difference. This could be a make-or-break thing for some as the eyes are the window to the soul and all.

Articulation is a mixed bag this time around. First the good, she has excellent ankle rockers and range of movement there. Her wrists are ball jointed and while they pop off easily are very good for holding her staff. That being said SHE IS MISSING BICEP CUTS. The other figures have them. She simply can't wield her staff in that may ways due to this. Her collar and hair sculpt have her neck joint reduced to a swivel and she's looking down at an angle because of this. You'll need to heat the hair up and bend it back a bit, freezing it in place with cold water to fix this.

Cheetara's hips also bump against her waist and don't get into a 90 deg angle, her waist joint only being a cut when it could have easily been a ball joint and given her so much more range of motion. The lack of double joints like the other figures have is also puzzling but doesn't affect her range, what's there anyway. She comes with one accessory, her staff. It's nicely detailed and even has the magic emblem on it, tho very hard to see as there's no paint to bring it out.

The verdict here? Eh...for $15 you could do a lot better but could also do a lot worse. I know many people are looking forward to this figure and with some customizing work she could be nearly perfect. But at the price you're paying Bandai really needs to ramp up their articulation and get rid of those terrible black pegs. Our Sponsors Past Generation Toys should have her soon and so should Big Bad Toy Store. You can always hunt her down at retail but be prepared to pay a dollar or two more at Toys R Us.

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