Friday, January 6, 2012

Lego Hero Factory Toxic Reapa Review

I'll be blunt and break it to you that I'm not a huge fan of lego. I much preferred the Construx building toys when I was a kid for their I-beam and panel designs that allowed you to use less pieces to build bases for my toys. But when Lego entered the action figure-esq market with Bionicle, then Hero Factory, I was impressed. Toxic Reapa is one of the baddies from series, well, I don't think they're actually numbered or marketed  series in that way.

Wait a second, why is Lego making Capri Sun drinks? Nope, that's the new packaging for this line. Gone are the containers and for this series you get a resealable, more eco-friendly pouch. It honestly doesn't matter to me but some of you may like the containment-pod-like packaging the others series came in. Here it's just discardable once you build the figure. It did seem to lower the cost however, these figures at $8.99 instead of $10.

Uh, there's no paint on the figure. With Lego there usually isn't and this is no surprise. Everything is molded in bright green or black plastic that looks nice and shiny. The hoses that run from his arms to his back tanks are clear with a green plastic stripe embedded in them. Same with the hand flames, a swirl of two plastics to make the effect pop. The eyes aren't light-piped this time which is a shame, the red would have looked neat glowing in the light like shown on the bag art.

Articulation gets five stars, Hero Factory figures finally have full range of motion because everything is ball-jointed. He's missing a waist joint but you won't even notice because of how well everything else moves. Crouching, leaping, arms crossed, head tilted, Toxic Reapa can do it all. Even his pecs and stomach armor plates adjust and you can get some great emotive poses from him.

Toxic Reapa's sculpt is, well, a Legoish skeletal being covered with armor like all the Bionicle/Hero Factory figures before him. The mask is really neat looking, almost Predator-like with the for mouth spikes. The teeth aren't symmetrical and there's cuts and dings in his forehead like he's been in battle. He stands a little under 6" tall but you can attach his head to the upper ball joint for a taller, less hunched-look.

What's the verdict on this toxic fellow? Well if you know Hero Factory you know what you're getting into. This is just a fun, posable, nifty looking figure. Our sponsor Big Bad Toy Store has him (or will have him) and you can find this series anywhere Lego is sold. There's some other neat looking characters in the set, especially a half red, half black larger fellow. Keep an eye out.

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