Thursday, February 19, 2015

Marvel Legends Infinite 'Odin Wave' Hawkeye, Iron Fist, Sentry, Thor, Machine Man, Scarlet Witch, Captain Marvel figure review

Well there was a pretty large gap between my last review and this one, my apologies but moving takes quite a bit of time. Fortunately I was able to pick up the latest Marvel Legends series in town, the Avengers Odin build-a-figure wave. The case packout is one of each character except there's two of Hawkeye. So if he's sitting on the pegs all by himself you can be sure someone bought the whole series at once. You get Machine Man, Iron Fist, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye, Sentry, Thor, and the female Captain Marvel inn this one. Hasbro is trying something new as well here, there's no variant characters...instead two of the characters come with variant build-a-figure pieces. So passing up Scarlet Witch for Captain Marvel... or Machine Man for Sentry will still net you a complete Odin or King Thor depending on your choice. Let's dive into the review!

Articulation for the wave is a mix of excellent and decent because of the body re-uses here. Machine Man, Witch, Captain Marvel, Sentry, and Hawkeye all shine in this department. After all each shares one of the newer bodies and sports all the sweet points. Thor is based on armored version in the Terrax wave so he's missing ankle tilts, the double elbows, and has those weird cut-knee-pads. Iron Fist shares the Bigtime Spiderman mold so his hips are 45 angled balls but he still has amazing range of motion. Hawk's ab crunch is slightly hindered by his vest but he can still move within it.

Sculpt for the wave consists of body re-use but in a good way. From top to bottom Scarlet Witch's body is actually a completely new mold, not Emma Frost's as one would suspect. And where she could have shared Black Cat's boots even those are new. It's sleek, sexy, and with more defined abs. As mentioned Iron Fist shares BT Spidey's mold. Machine Man and Hawkguy use the basic everyone-mold, Sentry the Hyperion/Toxin body, and Captain Marvel the Miss Marvel body. This really isn't an issue because most of the bodies have great movement and sculpt.

If you already have Thor from the Terrax wave this one has new arms and head. And like that one his head motion is limited to looking left and right because of the sculpt. Paint work for the set is pretty clean across the board with some exceptional shading work and some characters left lacking. Machine Man looks amazing with his shiny metallic purple plastic and blued-steel accents. Captain marvel has a great two-tone wash on her hair and precise tampograph details on her uniform. Both Sentry and Iron fist feature airbrushed body shading that bring out detail.

Hawkeye's two-toned purple looks sharp as does his Winter Soldier shared cyber-arm done in metallic plastic. Scarlet Witch gets a hair wash and a really nice airbrushed cape. Her face has been painted perfectly and features just a hint of eye shadow. Thor has a shaded cape and helmet/weapons but lacks any flesh detail or costume shading making him somewhat plain

Accessories are plentiful here! Iron Fist blows everyone away with eight different hand poses! From the chop, tiger claw, and fist, you can recreate just about any kung-fu pose. Captain Marvel has her helmeted alt head and Jubilee's energy effect. She also comes with Odin's axe. Machine Man has bendable extendo-arm sections and two extra fists! You can actually double the arms to form a really long one too.

Scarlet Witch has two awesome looking hex-effects that clip to her wrists and a removable cloak. Hawkeye comes with a brand new quiver and re-use bow from, well, every other Hawkeye but in purple. Thor gets his hammer and a huge brand new sword that features some great sculpting to it. Sentry...uh...comes with his belt. I'm not sure what else he could have come with because no parent would want to see bloody halves of the characters he's torn apart included.

Now for the build-a-figure, it's the Allfather Odin himself! As I mentioned you get a choice of parts. You can use Odin's helmeted head with right eye patch/scepter and red cape if you buy Witch. King Thor's alternate Destroyer armored left arm comes with Machine Man. Fortunately this BAF doesn't have locking limbs so you can pop on the King Thor head with the left eyepatch and swap arms at your leisure. Bravo Hasbro! Odin has great articulation including tilt ankles. You get an all new sculpt here as well and his armor has a gritty wash to it as if he's seen many a battle. His sword, scepter, and axe all look nice tho his scepter is plain gold plastic and could have used some paint.

I'm pretty sure I covered all the important nuances in the wave but if I missed any let me know. With all said and done you're wondering what the verdict is? Go out and hunt these down! Granted most have body re-uses but that's the norm these days and it's done very well here. You won't get to cherry-pick your paint apps because of the single character assortment in the case besides Hawkguy but thankfully they're all pretty clean. Scarlet Witch will be bought up by scalpers the same as Captain Marvel but you'll have the most fun out of Iron Fist and the quirky Machine Man in my opinion. If you don't like to hunt just pick them up at Big Bad Toy Store or refresh the Amazon page until they show up back in stock (like right now at the time of this post!)

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