Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Marvel Legends Jean Grey, Black Panther (Rocket Raccoon BAF series) action figure review

Marvel Legends are finally hitting the shelf again and en'masse with no less than FOUR different series (two under the Marvel Legends Infinite rebrand) on the shelf right now. Here we take a look at two characters from the Rocket Raccoon Build-A-Figure series, Jean Grey and Black Panther. The other characters in the line are Hawkeye, Scarlet Spider, and Wrecker. All but Hawk and Spider come with parts for Rocket.

Sculpting for Jean is quite nice and her look is the iconic Jim Lee version we've been after for ages. Her body is based on the Hope Summers type I reviewed earlier but with new sculpt on the shoulders, thighs, and lower legs that include rocker feet. Jean's headsculpt is great with a serious look and some nicely sculpted hair. A non-removable X-belt is set on her waist and gauntlets on her arms that swivel. Her hands are actually the 2-pack Invisible Woman's hands and work great here.

Jean Grey's paint applications aren't extensive but whats there is clean. There's great face detail, shiny metallic blue, and her hip pads are gold metallic. Even her fingernails are painted the same shade as her lips to match. Her hair is molded in color but looks just fine without shading, tho you could easily add some highlights or shadows yourself. She sports full articulation with no hampered areas other than not being able to reach straight up due to her shoulder pads. They are soft plastic so there's a little give to them.

Black Panther appears here in his classic outfit and utilizes the new body mold that's going to be the standard these days for any average height hero. It has an extremely nice sculpt to it and features new hands and head. The hands look sharp and will work for a variety of gestures, also future characters (Magneto anyone?) The range of motion you can get out of Black Panther is wonderful, enough to achieve any leaping, fighting pose you could think of.

Paint work on Black Panther is also excellent with great blue highlights on his body and perfect lines on his gloves and boots. People have complained that his gloves and boots are jarring to the smoother blue shading so why weren't they done that way? Fans will recognize this as his classic look rather than his modern all black look. Once you have that in mind the paint apps make sense. Both figures come with parts to make Rocket Raccoon as their only accessory which I'll cover later as a separate figure.

So what's the verdict on this pair of superheroes? Fans of Jim Lee's X-men team will hunt Jean down to the ends of the earth. If you already have the Toybiz Black Panther and prefer his modern look you could almost skip this one. Customizers however couldn't ask for a better base body and already Deadpool-ish head. Our Sponsor Big Bad Toy Store has the whole set and the other new series of Marvel Legends Infinite as does Amazon where they occasionally go on sale. Buy him up for fodder! So there you have it, two more great figures for your Marvel Legends collection.

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