Saturday, September 8, 2012

Amazing Spiderman & The Lizard Walmart exclusive 6"Movie figure review

Sony Pictures needed to film another Spiderman movie or the license would revert back to Marvel so we got a reboot of sorts, The Amazing Spiderman. There are two scales of figures, the smaller 3 3/4" figures are found everywhere but only Walmart cares the 'Legends' 6" size of Studio Series figures. In the first assortment is the movie Spiderman, The Lizard, and Ultimate Spiderman from the comics. Here we take a look at the movie characters. Amazing Spiderman and Lizard.

Sculpt for Spidey is really detailed and includes all the different textures of his suit, webline cuts, and musculature of an athletic human. The little web-shooters on his wrist are detailed and the elongated spider on his chest look great. The goggles appear to sit just a tad bit up too high but not terribly so. One hand is sculpted to grab and the other in the classic 'thwip' style. No waist cut makes the suit look very streamlined around the hips and overall Spidey looks great.

The Lizard's sculpt is covered in detail as well, crazy amounts of scales down to the tiniest ones on the legs, reptilian-like skin folds, creases, and the face is still creepy-human-like that we've seen. The Lizard's hips do seem oddly large but he is a big figure standing at over 7" tall. He has the fused right fingers and a long lizard tail that snaps on. It's not bendy however and is just there to help balance him.

Articulation for Spiderman includes hinged wrists that allow him to grip a vertical or horizontal pole/surface, 45 deg swivel ankles like the new MU figures, and great range in his torso joint. His hips could be better to allow for his legs to come up further to crouch tho. You could carve out a bit of hip socket plastic to help with this if you wanted. His neck has decent range to for Spiderman to look around.

The Lizard's articulation is even more extensive. His neck is ball jointed but he also has a sliding lower neck that allows him to look straight up. Cut wrists instead of hinged but excellent shoulder motion. He has the same double joints with hinges for his lower feet. They aren't tilt so you'll have to fiddle with him for a wide stance. A great torso hinge and tail swivel/hinge round out his articulation.

Paint apps for the Lizard include great airbrushed underbelly highlights and dark shading...except they forgot to paint his tail! It's cast in all green and looks a bit jarring so you may want to get our your paint brush. Spidey's paint work is clean with sharp lines. They tried a black wash to bring out the web detail but it was too thin and is virtually unnoticeable except where it pooled in places. Aside from those issues the colors and application is nice.

Plentiful accessories return in this series! The Lizard comes with three reptile cohorts all completely painted with washes and nice detail. Both figures come with the linking hex-stands that Studio Series and Marvel legends are including. Spiderman get three flexible weblines. They have loops on one end and hooks on the other so you can wrap them around figures or link together for webswinging. They're a neat pearlescent plastic.

So what's the verdict on these figures? They're 6" Legends scale at $15-$17 depending on your Walmart. Since they can only be found there you're off hunting for them but they are nice figures and Lizard is pretty huge. Your alternatives are the larger 7" Marvel Select figures that both our sponsors Past Generation Toys and Big Bad Toy Store have. Don't forget Miles Morales as Ultimate Spiderman is in the set too. He comes with a web-shield ala Marvel vs Capcom's Spiderman.

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