Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Transformers Fall of Cybertron Shockwave & Optimus Prime action figure review

The next big Transformers video game is "Fall of Cybertron" due out in August but you can snag the toys right now. Optimus Prime, Shockwave, and Jazz are the three deluxe figures available at retail release right now. Here we'll be covering the first two. Optimus has a substantially different look than his War for Cybertron form and this is the first somewhat-classic-looking Shockwave we've had in a while.

Sculpting for Optimus and Shockwave are done in a blocky, detailed format with plenty of panel lines and grating. Prime's headsculpt while small is very nicely done and Shockwave's is classic looking with neat finned ears and an overall classic look to his chest and upper body. The snap-on wheels that Prime has are starting to grown on me as you no longer need to use a soldering iron to remove metal pins if you have to get a wheel off tho I do wish they would add hubcaps to help hide the cuts. Shockwave's back fins can be rotated down or removed for a more classic appearance too.

Articulation for Optimus Prime is amazing. His head can look almost directly up, there's great range of motion in his elbows and knees because they fold up in alt mode, same for his amazing ball-jointed waist articulation. Only thing I could touch on is that his shoulders can't swivel out to the side fully with his arms raised. Shockwave is a bit stiffer but still has great range on his arms with three ball/swivel/hing joints in his elbow alone. He has no side-ankle movement but with such thin feet doesn't really need it. Shockwave only has a cut neck unfortunately. His hips move out so well he can do a full split!

Paint is solid across the board with no slop at all, mainly because there's not a lot of it. All sections are molded in color with just the details painted. Design for Optimus in alt mode looks a little stubby at first until you get use to it and reminds me more of the Titanium Cybertron Prime. Shockwave's alt mode is a space cannon/ship. I happen to like these space cruiser designs and you can spin his panels around for different looks. With some fiddling you may even be able to get a fan-mode gun out of him.

Transformation is EASY. WFC Prime aggravated me because of all the loose separate sections like his crotch piece that would fall apart and all the impossible-to-line-up panels. Not here. Optimus folds up and everything tabs into place in both modes perfectly. Sometimes simple is beautiful. Shockwave is a bit more complex with twists and turns to his arms but easily folds into ship mode. He has a spring-up head mechanic which is ok but seems to have negated the ball neck he could have used.

Prime's single accessory is his gun which can be pegged into various locations. Tho it shows his shoulder exhaust port is a plug I'd avoid it because it causes stress marks in the plastic when inserted. Shockwave has a 2-part cannon that he can hold or have replace either lower arm depending on your style. The silver end comes off to reveal a 3-barrel rifle which is pretty neat. It also stores on his back and is the alt-mode core.

So what's the verdict on these figures? I'm happy with them. Tho they do appear to be slightly smaller than previous years Deluxe offerings that's partially because of the small heads adding to that perspective. Optimus Prime's amazing articulation and finally owning an almost-classic Shockwave was enough to win me over here. Our sponsors Big Bad Toy Store has sets and singles as does Past Generation Toys and Amazon. Don't forget to preorder the Amazon G2 Fall of Cybertron Bruticus set when it comes back in stock for a mere $60 either!

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