Sunday, April 1, 2012

Transformers Prime RID Ratchet action figure review

Now that the First Edition figures are done with the regular Transformers Prime Robots in Disguise figures are coming out. Ratchet is in the newest wave with a new mold of Arcee. He's voiced by Jeffery Combs which you may recognize from the Frighteners and Re-Animator. Ratchet is cast in white plastic with red deco and acts as the Autobot's medic in the show. I like the figure's overall design from the front, from the side it's a little weird.

Ratchet's sculpt is of a well-proportioned bot with broad shoulders. The side view shows hollow sections under his arms, at his backpack, and inside his legs. It's a little jarring at first but not a huge problem. His face sculpt is great as are his hands with individual knuckle bolts. The way his arm panels fold to form the arm works well and for the most past he appears close to the show version.

Paint applications, while applied cleanly, tell a different story. He's missing a ton of them especially the ones on his forearms. However this would have odd bits of red showing on the vehicle that aren't suppose to be there I'm guessing. Feet, shoulders, head, there's missing red everywhere. Some testors Guards Red/Silver and a fine brush should fix that for you. The feet are probably the most distracting.

Articulation is great! He has a waist joint and the automorph head that pops up maintains a full ball joint neck. Ratchet also has double jointed knees and elbows, also full swivel. He's only missing wrist and ankle swivels like Cliffjumper tho it really doesn't detract from his range. His accessories include two scalpels or combat blades if you prefer that can be plugged on various ways in both modes. They're very soft plastic and bend easy.

Transformation is easy enough, mainly folding and stretching of parts. His leg panels do peg in securely by the lowest tab near his ankle. Pull the back of the ambulance down when transforming and his head pops up on a spring. Ratchet's alt-mode is pretty plain, missing the all-important heart rate deco from the side, red roof, and silver rims. It's missing decos like these that detract from the overall appeal of the toy to some collectors. But the ambulance mode pegs together solid and rolls fine.

The verdict? Ratchet is a nicely articulated bot and with a little customization can look really nice in both modes. His eye light-piping is nice and bright, and overall he's worth the purchase. You can snag him at our sponsors Big Bad Toy Store or Past generation Toys along with your regular brick and mortar retailers.

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